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Serving industries with finest quality products like Activated Carbon Washed Powder, Activated Carbon Unwashed Powder, Black Carbon Powder, Activated Carbon Granules, Activated Carbon Powder, etc.
About Us

At Blak Spear Enterprise Private Limited, we have been operating since the year 2017 to fulfill the rising requirements for various Carbon Powder & Coal based products as a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. We have been able to gain wide recognition in many of the major markets because of the high quality we maintain in processing of our wide range comprising Activated Carbon Unwashed Powder, Activated Carbon Granules Powder, etc. In many of the industrial applications, our range of activated carbon are used for decolourisation, purification as well as deodorisation purposes. We are able to reach up to an annual capacity of over 2400 MT. In strategic locations including Rajasthan & Gujarat we have our production facilities established. Moreover, our broad client list comprises many of the major Indian giants and MNCs.

Usages of Activated Carbon

In the following given areas, activated carbon is used:

Removal of Siloxane

Sugar & starch

Acid Rain protection

Edible oil treatment

Ground water contamination removal

Catalytic deodoriser

Water purification


Green Tea & Coffee

VOC removal

API decolourisation

Factory Setup

The factory setup we are supported with, is fitted with the newest technology of resources which are utilized for the production of top-quality products like Activated Carbon Granules Powder, Activated Carbon Unwashed Powder, etc. Moreover, given below are some of the machines & equipment embedded in our factory setup:

  • Drying beds (coil heater)
  • Rotary dryer
  • D stoner
  • Acid reactor
  • Activation rotary kiln two
  • Wood charcoal crusher
  • Blander
  • Packaging line
  • Lab


The unique selling proposition of our company can be represented by the vast experience we have in the following fields:

  • We have worked with colour industries.
  • We have worked with chemical industries.
  • We have also worked with intermediates industries.
  • We have worked with wood charcoal industry as well.
  • We have a good understanding of various types of charcoal & woods.
  • We have 15 years of manufacturing experience in Activated carbon industry.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance has always remained our topmost priority and is can be well-reflected in our product array comprising Activated Carbon Unwashed Powder, Activated Carbon Granules Powder, etc. All the produced goods are ensured to be complying with the highest quality standards and delivered to the customers on-time. Moreover, given are the parameters according to which the products are tested:

  • Ash content
  • Methylene blue value
  • Chlorides & Sulphates
  • Iodine
  • Hardness
  • Moisture
  • PH
  • Fe (iron content)
  • Iodine value
  • Mesh Size

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